Solo Show Faulkner West Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA, Nov. 3-30, 2016 FLUX, Upstream, Downstream, and Offshore Woodcut Explorations

I will be showing a body of work about the abundance and scarcity of water. These are woodcuts inspired by places where water is in a state of change, or flux, such as creeks, falls, and ocean. Movement and change are layered throughout these woodcut prints and I use color to retain memory of the watery places. Woodcuts printed in white or black represent the scarcity, the waste, or “ghostliness” of lost waters. Other woodcuts have hot colors in abstract landscapes reflecting a climatic change taking place.




  1. Hi Sara! My name is Emily, we met at the Morro Bay bird festival- I’m the stamp carver 🙂 I’m blown away by your work!! It is gorgeous, and your use of color is honestly so inspiring… makes me want to try more colorful things, and I wish I lived closer to you so I could take one of your workshops! It was so lovely to meet you, I hope to see you again next year.

    • Of course I remember you and your beautiful work! I love my t-shirt and cards and the many great pieces you have on your website. Thank you for responding so positively to my work. I will add you to my email list for upcoming events and please get in touch if you are down this way.

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