Channel Islands 18″ X 24″ woodcut

In my woodcuts, I intend to make a visual record of the time I spend in nature seeing what is there that seems so permanent and solid, but ever changing with the influence of natural and human forces. These woodcuts are part of a series entitled “Flux” based on sketches done in the eastern Sierra Nevada and in Santa Barbara. I am interested in capturing a moment in time within the flow of life, whether represented by water, trees, or rocks. The water reminds me that we never step into the same river twice, the current ebbs and flows, trees and rocks adapt or weather over time and it is vital that we preserve and protect the nature we coexist with.

East Fork in Flux 18 ” X 24″ woodcut
Step In 18″ X 24″ woodcut
Ebb and Flow 18″ X 24″ woodcut
Upstream 18″ X 24″ woodcut
Divergence 18″ X 24″ woodcut
Current 18″ X 24″ woodcut
Undercurrent 18″ X 24″ woodcut