Waterfall Series, 2019

In 2019, I was invited to participate in Art of Dress, an exhibition at the Elverhoj Museum, curated by Georgeanne Alex.

Bedrock Falls Kimono and Waterfall Robe (both black and white), and Ghost Falls Kimono(blue), represent a synthesis of my artistic interests over the years: the study of costume and textiles, primarily from Japan, and the study of woodblock printmaking. The theme of my work for the last 10 years has been the interconnectedness of the natural world with humans and the fragility or stability of that balance.

Bedrock Falls represents a specific place in New Mexico, where I used to live. It refers to the solidity of not only the geology of the falls, but basic principles that anchor us to this earth.

Ghost Falls refers to the absence of water, the memory of it, in the drought prone West in both New Mexico and California, where I live today.

Bedrock Falls Kimono (black and white)
Woodcut and sumi ink on paper 60” X 54” (on wall)
Waterfall Robe (black and white) woodcut on cotton (on mannequin)

Ghost Falls Kimono (blue)
Woodcut on colored paste papers made by Madeleine Durham 60” X 54”

Bedrock Falls Kimono and Waterfall Robe 
Bedrock Falls Kimono
“Waterfall Kimono, Ghost Falls”, woodcut on paste papers, 5’ X 5’